Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie Everyone!

We were excited to hand out candy this year to all the kidos! However, we only had about 15-20 children come to our house trick-or-treating.
Which is fine, except now we have a bag of my crack cocaine sitting in the house.....

 So I don't know...not a good situation. They will need to be hid or taken somewhere.

It's also my husband's birthday today! He is a spooky baby. I think he's excited to be 33 :-) Especially being 100lbs lighter!

On a different note, I get a haircut tomorrow and I am really excited about this! It is way over due and it's way long for me and driving me crazy that I have to spend more than 2 seconds on it in the morning before work! I'll for sure put up a picture tomorrow, that will give everyone something to sit on the edges of your seats waiting for :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reality Check! Trick or Treat Run! Both are Spooky!

So I have to do pictures right now for reality checks on how I look now, compaired to before. I don't recognize myself in pictures and I feel like I look the same as before. I thought this was crazy before surgery...I thought, I look in the mirror every day, I will be able to tell I am loosing massive amounts of weight...but now, not so much. Pictures are the best way for me to see the progress. Even though I am buying smaller clothes it just doesn't seem real yet.

Me day of surgery:

This is me today: 63 pounds lost--55 left to go

It just doesn't look like me, but it was me....I'll take it! I wonder when it will feel like me??
By the way...both times this was in a hotel, not my home decor (Just thought I needed to clarify that piece of information!)

So we were out of town for my husband to run a Trick or Treat 5K! It was so cold out I can't even explain! Yes I live where it gets cold and snows, I have lived in that environment my whole life, but we are both realizing when I have lost over 60lbs and my husband over 100lbs, we are getting cold ALL THE TIME! It's going to be a rough winter for us I think!

So here are some pictures from the weekend :)

Dan didn't recognize himself running in this pictures either. Same problem!

So for those of you at goal, how long did it take for you to realize you do not look like those before pictures?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Am I a regular girl now????

Today I am completely dressed in an outfit from the regular women's section! Including bra and panties! No plus size clothes on this girl! MAJOR NSV!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Fluid Added

So I went in for an early doctor appointment today. I needed a fill and did not think I could wait another 4 weeks until my next appointment. I was hungery eat my own arm hungery again. I was eating and tummy was talking back to me in like 2 hours. Snacks were not keeping me satisfied for more than an hour if I was lucky. So I got another 1cc added to my band. I now have a total of 7.5cc in my 14cc band. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will get me closer to my green...which is still just a mythical place to me.

Bonus to our trip to the doctor (have I mentioned it is 2 hours from where we live), we did get some great new food ideas and picked them up at the grocery store tonight while there. They were in the organic section of the grocery. I got toaster waffles, sugar free syrup, turkey meatballs, and these wonderful looking muffin tops. Super excited to try them!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a pretty big deal!

Today was the first day I have seen this! Amazing! I am officially out of those 200's!!!

And also....this is my half way point! 59lbs lost-59lbs left to lose!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Water, Water, Water..and Hard Boiled Eggs!

I have been in a good place lately with my weight loss...I feel like I am on a roll again and seeing decreases almost daily. 

What has changed?

I contribute it mainly to the fact we got a new refrigerator....and I now have ice and water access right on the door! I have been a year without this and oh how I have missed it. So I think I am getting in my recommended water FINALLY! For the first time since surgery!

On another random note, I think hard boiled eggs play a huge role in my weight loss. I NEVER would have even touched a hard boiled egg before surgery and now it is a daily staple in my diet. It fills me up and has so much protein to keep me full for a long time! I really do love them, like squishy heart love them!

This is all I really have for you all tonight :-) Water and Hard Boiled Eggs :-) But never together because we all know drinking and eating at the same time is BAD! :-)