Monday, October 15, 2012

Water, Water, Water..and Hard Boiled Eggs!

I have been in a good place lately with my weight loss...I feel like I am on a roll again and seeing decreases almost daily. 

What has changed?

I contribute it mainly to the fact we got a new refrigerator....and I now have ice and water access right on the door! I have been a year without this and oh how I have missed it. So I think I am getting in my recommended water FINALLY! For the first time since surgery!

On another random note, I think hard boiled eggs play a huge role in my weight loss. I NEVER would have even touched a hard boiled egg before surgery and now it is a daily staple in my diet. It fills me up and has so much protein to keep me full for a long time! I really do love them, like squishy heart love them!

This is all I really have for you all tonight :-) Water and Hard Boiled Eggs :-) But never together because we all know drinking and eating at the same time is BAD! :-)


  1. Cute Blog...thanks for sharing =)

  2. Hard boiled eggs get stuck for me. I miss them.

  3. hmmm I am going to have to try them, have not had one since being banded...