Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Fluid Added

So I went in for an early doctor appointment today. I needed a fill and did not think I could wait another 4 weeks until my next appointment. I was hungery eat my own arm hungery again. I was eating and tummy was talking back to me in like 2 hours. Snacks were not keeping me satisfied for more than an hour if I was lucky. So I got another 1cc added to my band. I now have a total of 7.5cc in my 14cc band. Keeping my fingers crossed that this will get me closer to my green...which is still just a mythical place to me.

Bonus to our trip to the doctor (have I mentioned it is 2 hours from where we live), we did get some great new food ideas and picked them up at the grocery store tonight while there. They were in the organic section of the grocery. I got toaster waffles, sugar free syrup, turkey meatballs, and these wonderful looking muffin tops. Super excited to try them!


  1. Good Luck with this fill - I hope it does the trick for you!

  2. I am excited for your fill. Can't wait until I am where you are. You are more than half way to your goal!

  3. Hope this helps get you to green!! It isn't a myth!! I swear. ;) I recently found it. Then lost it. *sigh* The band is such a fickle thing.