Saturday, October 27, 2012

Reality Check! Trick or Treat Run! Both are Spooky!

So I have to do pictures right now for reality checks on how I look now, compaired to before. I don't recognize myself in pictures and I feel like I look the same as before. I thought this was crazy before surgery...I thought, I look in the mirror every day, I will be able to tell I am loosing massive amounts of weight...but now, not so much. Pictures are the best way for me to see the progress. Even though I am buying smaller clothes it just doesn't seem real yet.

Me day of surgery:

This is me today: 63 pounds lost--55 left to go

It just doesn't look like me, but it was me....I'll take it! I wonder when it will feel like me??
By the way...both times this was in a hotel, not my home decor (Just thought I needed to clarify that piece of information!)

So we were out of town for my husband to run a Trick or Treat 5K! It was so cold out I can't even explain! Yes I live where it gets cold and snows, I have lived in that environment my whole life, but we are both realizing when I have lost over 60lbs and my husband over 100lbs, we are getting cold ALL THE TIME! It's going to be a rough winter for us I think!

So here are some pictures from the weekend :)

Dan didn't recognize himself running in this pictures either. Same problem!

So for those of you at goal, how long did it take for you to realize you do not look like those before pictures?


  1. Wow! What an amazing transformation. Well done.

  2. So awesome! I love that you two can support each other through this life-changing transition! Keep taking pictures!

  3. Congrats on the race. You guys look great. And I am cold all the time too. Can't imagine what it will feel like another 100 pounds down. Yikes!