Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Sunday Night

I feel like I need to blog tonight since it has been too long since my last post. So I'm going to do this TTT style on a Sunday!

1. My new class I am in is Advanced Human Resource Management. I have been enjoying it and it is not taking up too much of my free time.
2. Friday I am going on a shopping trip with a friend who is in town for a few weeks. We are both really excited!
3. I have gotten back into leisure reading and am loving it. Almost obsessed with it. I am worrying about typing this post up quick so I can get in at least a chapter before falling asleep. I am reading Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.
4. I have recently started using the site "Good Reads". Anyone else use this to manage your books?
5. It has been hot and humid out and that makes me not as excited to go outside and exercise. Remember when I was running in the snow and waiting for nicer weather??? Yeah, I think I want to run in the snow again! I just can not ever be happy with the temperature I guess.
6. My house seems to be half way picked up and clean right now. Laundry is also caught up. This makes me feel like I'm on top of my life :-)
7. This weekend went way too fast. I vote for 5 day weekends and 2 day work weeks.
8. I have been working with a personal trainer. Lets call him Kory, because that is his name. Well, it has happened once. The plan is to work with him on Tuesdays. Then repeat the workout myself on Thursdays. This is supposed to get me into strength training and help me get the last 15 pounds off. After one week, all is well. I'll update more on this Tuesday after workout number 2.
9. We have started harvesting goodies out of our garden that we planted. So far we have had lettuce, peas, and some peppers. Lettuce has always been a food that I would not eat. However, I am making myself eat this stuff out of the garden. It's not bad....and it's not killing me. So I hope if I just keep doing it, someday I will be able to say I actually enjoy it!
10. I got a new car this weekend! I have seriously talked about a Toyota Prius for years! Ever since I very first had a ride in one. You know those commercials where the Prius is driving down a road and singing music?? Yeah, mine does that for real! It is such a happy car!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Bike-Run

Yesterday I did an awesome bike-run event to celebrate the 4th!

How it worked:

You have a partner. Can be female-female, male-male, or co-ed.

You have one bike.

One person starts running and one person starts biking.

You as the team decide how long you are going to go for.

Then the biker drops the bike at the decided mile marker, when you run to it, you pick it up and start biking while the other is running. Then you keep switching. At the end the biker has to slow down because you have to finish as a team.

We started with 2 miles each of running and biking then did one mile segments.

We did this for over 11 miles!!!!!!!!! Wow, I know. I am feeling it today!

I ended up running 6 miles and biking 5 miles.

Our time was 87 minutes, not too shabby!

Here are some pictures from the day!

 This was all of us after the run! Still smiling!
 This was Dan and his partner Cole
Me and my partner Dawn!