Saturday, May 31, 2014

Well...Hello....Is this really my Tummy?

It has been a long time.....a really long time. 

I have been just living life. Work, college, exercise.

I felt the urge to put out a post to anyone that might come across this or still be interested in reading what I have to say. There are some who lose a massive amount of weight from their lap bands and they are satisfied with their bodies for the most part. They may even be able to wiggle into a bikini. That is great, and I had that hope for myself when I started this journey with my lap band 6/7/12. I have been killing myself most of that time trying to get THAT BODY. 

Yes I am healthy. That was the main point. 

But I still want that body that I have never had. 

So I wanted to show everyone what I was left with, because more than likely THIS is the reality for most. Not the bikini shots. 

This is what a 90 pound weight loss looks like on me. I started at 258 and am living at 168 today. I am 5'7".  I am 10 pounds up from my lowest. I finally realized that no amount of exercise I did was going to give me the body I was dreaming of. The skin was still going to be there. No. Matter. What. 

We all proudly display those great shots of how we look with our new clothes on. That is great! We should show it off. But this is my reality with my clothes off and it makes me feel like I am still 258 pounds. 

I have been working since December 2013 to try and get my insurance to cover abdominoplasty for the constant rashes I am faced with now. They refused, due to my skin apparently not hanging past my pubic bone. So I am now a cash pay patient getting my tummy fixed next Friday 6/6/14. One day off from my 2 year bandaversary!  

I am super excited and want to share this next chapter with the rest of you. Now that I feel like I have something new to share. And also, something that a lot of people maybe have questions about. I will try to be very active on my blog again during this time so I can share this experience with others who are maybe considering this journey as well. 

Hope you are all well...and rocking your bands!