Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The List of Work

So in the time that I have been away since surgery I have been working on one...well okay many things in my life!
1. Running--Yes I have accomplished running...and I would even go as far as calling myself "A RUNNER". This is still something I am trying to wrap my head around "a runner". For a long time I asked myself what that meant and how you knew you were one. I figured since I can now run a 5K, I will call myself one. Oh it didn't come easy...I was even mad about running at times, and still am when it doesn't come easy. Oh but the reward makes it worth it! I love how it makes my body feel fit! I can run without being so out of breath I can't function, it deffinately is helping to melt the fat away, and it's something my husband and I do together which is another bonus! I do actually have great pictures of my husband and I in our running stuff...but I can't get them to here from my iPhone (see #4 for explaination!) Okay...I think I got my pictures off my phone about an hour later!

2. Food mysteries--yes that maybe is strange to say but food has always been a mystery. I have food issues obviously otherwise I wouldn't be here talking about my weight loss journey. Even though I have the lap band, it is not "fixing" my food issues for me. What do I mean by "issues", texture and taste issues mainly...I can say I have acomplished eating more fruits....do I still cringe at a peach...yes, but can I eat it...yes...progress...have I made it through my issues NO! But small progresses...I'm sticking to that today!

3. Weight loss--Check! Today I am down 30 pounds in 7.5 weeks. Compliments to my wonderful lap band! (oh, and that thing called sweating, every day!) That is amazing to me, to be able to see and feel the changes is keeping me motivated.

4. Blogging--Okay I know this is not weight loss related, totally, but I want it to be for me. I really wanted to be able to share my journey with others and be able to vent and share. Like how I am inspired every day by Lap Band Gal! However, the blogging is a challenge to me right now! Any tips...throw them to me! Like losing weight, this is not easy either! I feel like I creep around other people's sites secretly, without anything to contribute back!

So whoever gets to read this....hope you enjoyed! Stop by again for my battles with weight loss, food, running, and blogging!