Sunday, June 15, 2014

7 lbs!!!

Okay, I was reading through my posts that I have done since I have been home from my surgery and I can't believe I didn't include one AMAZING fact!!

So, how much skin got removed???


Can you believe that?!!


Wish I had a picture of it sitting in a bowl! Weird Maybe!

Friday, June 13, 2014

1 Week Out!

Today is one week since my surgery. Feeling pretty well!

I have had one drain removed. I still have 2. The drainage is slowing down. I begged to have them removed before the weekend but no such luck! I am stuck with them, probably until Monday. I have my one week follow up with the surgeon. I am assuming they will be able to be pulled then. I think that is where most of my discomfort is coming from. I don't think it's the incision pain, it's where the drains are coming out of my abdomen as they sit right above the pubic area.

One of the other pains of the drains is they have to be emptied and amount recorded every 8 hours. Yes this means I am getting up at midnight every night, stumbling to the bathroom to do this. I'm a big fan of sleep, so this is not my favorite thing to do.

My husband changed my dressing last night and all looks good under there.

I don't have to sleep with a pillow under my knees anymore. I tried it last night without and was more comfortable with a pillow under my knee.

I can see where the doctor is concerned that you not do too much because when you start feeling better you feel so caged. I just had to get out of the house yesterday. There was no other talking about it.

So just taking it day by day! No regrets!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm rocking the drain tubes!

I'm alive! 

I am finally feeling up to writing a post. Surgery went really well. I stayed overnight. I was so snowed on medication coming out of surgery that I didn't think it would be possible I could go home the next day. They tried getting me up late afternoon the day of surgery. I stood, was in a lot of pain, nauseated, so I laid back down. They tried again at 11:30pm and I was actually able to walk to the door and back. Each time I got up was better and better! I was able to go home the next day with no problems. 

So I have been doing a lot of resting. Making sure I keep up on my pain medication. Draining my 3 drains. 

Today I get to have one of them taken out. I'm a little nervous about this and how it will go. This seems like it could be painful. I will update later. 

I wanted to share some pictures with you so you can see what happens during this procedure. 

This one is with my drains pulled down and just my binder. 

 This on is with my binder off with the dressing covering all the incisions. 

 This one is with my binder and my drains attached to the binder. There are 3 drains total. 

 My incisions. AND FLAT TUMMY! When I look at it, I think I'm looking at someone else yet. I have only seen it from the pictures myself. I have to be laying down when my dressings are being changed. 

I know this looks really painful, but honestly the pain has been way more manageable than I ever thought it would be. My appetite has been non-existent. I have to make myself eat something. I have just been up and walking around the house. Have not been out much. I have walked around the house outside once. Just taking it easy. My husband has been a really good nurse actually. I didn't think he would ever be able to help me with my drains and change dressing and he has been a champ through it all.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The night before...

Well, it's the night before my skin removal surgery. 

I feel good about it. It's like the last piece of my puzzle. 

I had my last Dr. Appointment with my reconstructive surgeon this afternoon. All is ready to go. 

I had my special wash that I took a shower with tonight. 

I will have to repeat in the morning before surgery. 

I need to be to the hospital at 6:00am surgery at 7:30am. I am happy it is first thing in the morning. 

The hotel we are staying in is attached to the hospital so that will be very convenient. 

So I am just going to read through my instructions again as well as my post op instructions and get ready to go to sleep early! 

Night night! Will update as soon as I am up to it. 

Complete with pictures of course!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Those Nasty Tape Measures!

I thought it would probably be a good get out the tape measure.

I have not been one to be obsessed what my body "MEASURES"

Oh, I obsess about the number on the scale, or the number on my clothes, but not so much the number on a long piece of plastic that I wrap around myself.

I guess I would say I measure myself by the size of pants I can squeeze over my abdominal folds.

I never measured myself before my lap band, or during my weight loss journey. I guess I just feel like now it is required to see how many inches I've paid to have removed.

It will be fun for us all to look at after surgery! Right? RIGHT!

Here we go:

Okay, this one is 34 inches

And this one is...36 inches

Ready for this one? 43.5 inches. Really. Yes. I have THAT much skin on my abdomen. I know, Right?! It's like a plus size measurement!