Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Talking to myself, about myself

Did I tell you all I have started training for a 10K?!?

Well, yes I am!

I found a program like the C25K, it's a bridge type program from 5K to a 10K.

I am on week 3, so it is set up like this:

Warm up walk for 5 minutes

Run for 17 minutes, walk 1 minute.

Repeat for a total of 3 times.

Cool down 5 minute walk.

The running intervals increase throughout the 6 week program.

This was what my stats looked like last night!

So, last night when I was running, I was talking to myself the whole time. In my head of course! I maybe a sang a few song lyrics out loud...other than that I don't want others to think I am completely crazy! 

I have to give myself encouragement along the way with these longer runs. I tell myself things like. 

"Slow down, you have to maintain running longer distances!"
"You are completely fine, your breathing is totally under control, your legs feel great!"
"Don't panic! You feel good right now!" 
"You are just sweating, everything else is totally fine!" 
"The wind will be at your back in just a little bit"

Crazy? I don't think so, it keeps me going. I can get myself really anxious when running. When I start to panic my whole body starts to shut down and wants to stop. I need to do something to calm me down so I can keep going and not panic. 

My last 2 runs have been amazing! It is what keeps me running. 

Anyone else do some positive self talk when they are working out?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sliming Virgin No More

It has been a little over a year now since I have been banded.

Today marks the first time I have been stuck and had this "sliming" episode that I have heard others talk about.


So, I was eating my lunch like normal. Same foods that I eat all the time.

I felt a little stuck so I stopped eating. Normally this feeling passes on it's own. So I get up to go and unload the dish washer and wait so I can finish eating. I get very nauseated. Now, this has happened to me before. My mouth waters for awhile and it goes away. Which it did again today. No biggie, right?!?

Zoe is getting groomed and during all this the clinic calls and says she is finished and ready to be picked up. I feel safe to leave the house at this point. I drive across town, and about half way there I realize things are maybe not "fine". I am miserable again, nauseated, mouth watering. I'm looking around my car for something to spit into. Nothing...I can't find anywhere good to pull over for quite a while. Anyway, I ended up having to stop. All that was in my car is a paper bank envelope. Yes, you know this is not going to end good. Ended up sliming about 2 cups of that crap semi-into this bank envelope which then lopped on the floor of the car. Yes, I know this is sexy.

I did not know that this is how this goes down. Where does all this slime come from??? Seriously! Who knew?!?

Anyway, this took care of the problem. Picked up Zoe, went home and finished eating lunch!


On a brighter note, I got my hair chopped off today.
I think I love it!
Keep in mind this was after my shower and with no make-up. I will post a better picture next time!

Friday, June 7, 2013

One year Ago...

Today marks one year since everything changed.
Last year at this time, I was home from surgery and beginning my recovery.
Munching on full liquids and pain medications.

Before the Band

 1 year later

I am living proof that if you follow the rules and work hard...the lap band works and works well!
No Regrets
I would make this same decision again in a heart beat.
Onward to lose the last 20!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pizza Eating and Pop Drinking

I just wanted to check in with everyone tonight to flash back to one year ago.

Last year at this time my husband and I drove 2 hours away and were checking into our hotel room.

Preparing for my last meal.

Stuffing myself with pizza, breadsticks, and pop.

It was my last night of going to sleep without my band.

So many things have changed since that night.

I will never be this girl again:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 Year Doctor Appointment

Today was my one year doctor appointment.

I am 3 days from my actual one year bandaversary.

I thought today would have went down differently than it did.

I figured at this time, I would be at my goal weight.

I am not.

I still have 18-20 pounds to go depending on the day.
These last pounds have proven to be harder than the previous 100.

So, I found out today that I am at a "plateau".  Apparently most people hit them, my time is now.
I was like, what do I do now? How can I get past this? I weighed exactly the same this month as last month at their office. I do not want this to happen again.

The advise I got. Amp up/change up my exercise. Including adding strengthening with my awesome kettle bell  here. (That I have been using as a decorative piece in my living room).

When I got home I was trying to decide how I was going to increase or change up my exercise routine. The only way I get a good cardio workout is from running. But, how do I change running? I have been running about 2 miles daily and participating in 5Ks. I actually have one scheduled this weekend.

There is only one way run.
So, then I decided....I will begin training for a 10k.
I loaded a new app for my iPhone that is a bridge program from 5K-10K in 6 weeks.

This will increase my run time, increase my run intensity, and all willing...get me off this plateau.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yep, we got home yesterday late afternoon from vacation!
We had a very fun and active time in the Black Hills. I would highly recommend this as a vacation spot, there is so much to do out there and beautiful landscapes.

Now, be prepared for photo bombing from our trip! I can't just pick 1 or 2 so you are getting like 207 pictures!!

Dan in the badlands
 Me on a rock, if you couldn't tell ha!
Mount Rushmore is to the right of my head. 
That awesome Harley sweatshirt was left in my hotel room. 
I realized this morning...
Luckily they had it and will mail it to us!
 Mount Rushmore through the trees
 My fav, the burros in Custer Park, they were trying to bite Dan so he wouldn't go near them.
 On our hike to Harney's peak. The highest spot in South Dakota.
 We had an old time Western picture taken!
 Another hiking view
 Buffalo very close to the road
 We rented a paddle boat for a half hour. 
Dan: Why are you wearing that orange vest???
Me: I don't know, the guy gave it to me so I put it on. Ha!
 4 wheeling--Probably one of the best things we did there!
 We also rented bikes for a morning and rode 16 miles on their trails. The first 8 were all up hill.
 Just a dinosaur Park on a hill in Rapid City

 Another hike!

 Spelunking at Rushmore Cave
 The rules for the hike to Harney's Peak and Little Devils Tower
 More hiking!

So getting to my point...
Yes we had fun! It was a very active vacation. Lots of miles walked and hills climbed. 
Did I mention we packed most of our food for the week???
Only ate out a few times. Made fairly good choices when we did eat out. 
I did have some ice cream a couple times. But with the amount of activity that was being had, I figured I had some room to splurge. 
I ended up LEAVING MY SCALE HOME! It was kind of nice taking a break from it for a week also.  

So how bad was the vacation on my weight. I was hoping to have lost some weight. 


I lost nothing. I gained nothing. 
Pretty disappointing considering all the exercise. 
I'm hovering right around the 100 pound lost mark. Give or take depending on the day.
Oh well. Onward!

What I can take away from this vacation is I could have NEVER done any of these things 1 year ago. I would have never made the hike to Harney's Peak, which is over a 6 mile moderate to strenuous hike. I never could have climbed up on rocks or rode a bike 16 miles up hill. So even though the scale didn't change during this one week, I know that I have.