Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenie Everyone!

We were excited to hand out candy this year to all the kidos! However, we only had about 15-20 children come to our house trick-or-treating.
Which is fine, except now we have a bag of my crack cocaine sitting in the house.....

 So I don't know...not a good situation. They will need to be hid or taken somewhere.

It's also my husband's birthday today! He is a spooky baby. I think he's excited to be 33 :-) Especially being 100lbs lighter!

On a different note, I get a haircut tomorrow and I am really excited about this! It is way over due and it's way long for me and driving me crazy that I have to spend more than 2 seconds on it in the morning before work! I'll for sure put up a picture tomorrow, that will give everyone something to sit on the edges of your seats waiting for :-)


  1. I will wait patiently for you haircut pics :o) I have to get one too mine is at the point were it wakes me up at night when I go to roll over and my hair is under my hubby lol .... hey I also have a bag of crack left over from last night we did not get even 1 trick or treater... oh no a big bag of hershey bars looking all yummy. happy bday to your hubby

  2. Imagine you are giving it to Oscar the grouch and chuck anything that is left over. It isn't wasting it if you were going to give it all away anyway.