Monday, June 2, 2014

Those Nasty Tape Measures!

I thought it would probably be a good get out the tape measure.

I have not been one to be obsessed what my body "MEASURES"

Oh, I obsess about the number on the scale, or the number on my clothes, but not so much the number on a long piece of plastic that I wrap around myself.

I guess I would say I measure myself by the size of pants I can squeeze over my abdominal folds.

I never measured myself before my lap band, or during my weight loss journey. I guess I just feel like now it is required to see how many inches I've paid to have removed.

It will be fun for us all to look at after surgery! Right? RIGHT!

Here we go:

Okay, this one is 34 inches

And this one is...36 inches

Ready for this one? 43.5 inches. Really. Yes. I have THAT much skin on my abdomen. I know, Right?! It's like a plus size measurement!