Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kettlebell Time!

I have an endless battle with strengthening.
I start, I stop, I start...
I am sore, I don't know how to use all that intimidating equipment at the gym. 
So I think I found a solution....


Found this at Target, and it's fun! 
They are short workouts for the arms, legs, and cardio. 
I love the adjustability of the weights. You don't have to buy multiple kettlebells. 
I can already see a difference in my arms after just a few workouts!


  1. I love a kettlebell! Strength training is very intimidating! Good job finding what works for you!

  2. Cool I will have to check these out!

  3. Good idea! Going to keep this in mind. Everything at the gym is intimidating to me!

  4. Try Jillian Michaels Shred It With Weights. She uses a Kettle Bell and it is a great workout.

  5. I too have an on again/off again relationship with strength training (well any kind of exercise really). I'm glad you found something that's helping you stay "on again."