Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yep, we got home yesterday late afternoon from vacation!
We had a very fun and active time in the Black Hills. I would highly recommend this as a vacation spot, there is so much to do out there and beautiful landscapes.

Now, be prepared for photo bombing from our trip! I can't just pick 1 or 2 so you are getting like 207 pictures!!

Dan in the badlands
 Me on a rock, if you couldn't tell ha!
Mount Rushmore is to the right of my head. 
That awesome Harley sweatshirt was left in my hotel room. 
I realized this morning...
Luckily they had it and will mail it to us!
 Mount Rushmore through the trees
 My fav, the burros in Custer Park, they were trying to bite Dan so he wouldn't go near them.
 On our hike to Harney's peak. The highest spot in South Dakota.
 We had an old time Western picture taken!
 Another hiking view
 Buffalo very close to the road
 We rented a paddle boat for a half hour. 
Dan: Why are you wearing that orange vest???
Me: I don't know, the guy gave it to me so I put it on. Ha!
 4 wheeling--Probably one of the best things we did there!
 We also rented bikes for a morning and rode 16 miles on their trails. The first 8 were all up hill.
 Just a dinosaur Park on a hill in Rapid City

 Another hike!

 Spelunking at Rushmore Cave
 The rules for the hike to Harney's Peak and Little Devils Tower
 More hiking!

So getting to my point...
Yes we had fun! It was a very active vacation. Lots of miles walked and hills climbed. 
Did I mention we packed most of our food for the week???
Only ate out a few times. Made fairly good choices when we did eat out. 
I did have some ice cream a couple times. But with the amount of activity that was being had, I figured I had some room to splurge. 
I ended up LEAVING MY SCALE HOME! It was kind of nice taking a break from it for a week also.  

So how bad was the vacation on my weight. I was hoping to have lost some weight. 


I lost nothing. I gained nothing. 
Pretty disappointing considering all the exercise. 
I'm hovering right around the 100 pound lost mark. Give or take depending on the day.
Oh well. Onward!

What I can take away from this vacation is I could have NEVER done any of these things 1 year ago. I would have never made the hike to Harney's Peak, which is over a 6 mile moderate to strenuous hike. I never could have climbed up on rocks or rode a bike 16 miles up hill. So even though the scale didn't change during this one week, I know that I have. 


  1. You are freaking awesome! What a fun vacation and it is so amazing to do things you never thought you would be able to!

  2. looks amazing- and great job with all the hiking.

  3. SO pretty! Thanks for all the pics--looks like you guys had an amazing time :)