Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sliming Virgin No More

It has been a little over a year now since I have been banded.

Today marks the first time I have been stuck and had this "sliming" episode that I have heard others talk about.


So, I was eating my lunch like normal. Same foods that I eat all the time.

I felt a little stuck so I stopped eating. Normally this feeling passes on it's own. So I get up to go and unload the dish washer and wait so I can finish eating. I get very nauseated. Now, this has happened to me before. My mouth waters for awhile and it goes away. Which it did again today. No biggie, right?!?

Zoe is getting groomed and during all this the clinic calls and says she is finished and ready to be picked up. I feel safe to leave the house at this point. I drive across town, and about half way there I realize things are maybe not "fine". I am miserable again, nauseated, mouth watering. I'm looking around my car for something to spit into. Nothing...I can't find anywhere good to pull over for quite a while. Anyway, I ended up having to stop. All that was in my car is a paper bank envelope. Yes, you know this is not going to end good. Ended up sliming about 2 cups of that crap semi-into this bank envelope which then lopped on the floor of the car. Yes, I know this is sexy.

I did not know that this is how this goes down. Where does all this slime come from??? Seriously! Who knew?!?

Anyway, this took care of the problem. Picked up Zoe, went home and finished eating lunch!


On a brighter note, I got my hair chopped off today.
I think I love it!
Keep in mind this was after my shower and with no make-up. I will post a better picture next time!


  1. Boo! Sliming is no fun.

    But the hair is awesomeness fantastic ness!

  2. I was that way the other night- I hate that feeling.
    the hair is cute! and I love the natural beauty you have going on.

  3. Hair is amazing! Slim- not so much!