Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ten Things!!!!

1. I can't believe it's Thursday already again! Seems like I just did this last week.
2. Tonight I'm going on a bike ride! I love riding my bike!
3. I like watching the Disney Channel!
4. I feel so stalled on my weight loss. I have felt hungry most of the month. Have tried switching up my meals, pumping up my exercise. Still feeling stalled. I'm ready for my doctor appointment next Thursday to talk it out!
5. I started reading the book LBG is promoting about the skinny jeans. Really good so far!
6. I have been eating a lot of pickles lately. They are good and only 5 calories.
7. Is anyone else upset about Shane from Buckwild? I still just can't believe it. He was my favorite on there.
8. This is all I have for now. Let's make it 8 things thursday! K? K!


  1. I just heard about Shain yesterday. I only saw like one episode of the show, but he did seem like a really genuinely nice person. And yes, I'm talking about someone on an MTV show! It is definitely upsetting :(

  2. Now that both of my kids are grown I miss watching Disney channel. Now I'm all about reality tv...certainly not as healthy for me :)

  3. I am going to read the book too! I just need to find two seconds to download it!

  4. Yay for Bike riding! That book was great - quick read!

  5. "I can't believe it's Thursday already again! Seems like I just did this last week." LOL!

    I'm a fairly new follower btw. :-) Been lurking a while but haven't posted. Congratulations on your terrific success with your band! I'm just about to get mine...eeeek! :-)

  6. I keep hearing about that book, I guess I'm just going to have to put it on my kindle and get my read on.
    I hope you push through this plaute soon.