Tuesday, April 9, 2013

to BE an inspiration

You might say this would be a NSV that I want to achieve.

For me to stay accountable to myself, I want to BE an inspiration to others.

I want others to see what I have done, and believe that they too can do this!

I want others to have this feeling of greatness--to finally lose the weight that is a burden.

There are so many things that change when you lose the weight.


  1. what a great goal! and I agree that would be a wonderful NSV

  2. Thats a great goal! I do have to say, you already do inspire me Holly! I love reading your blog and watching your success! It makes me want to work hard!

  3. I am wililng to bet you already are an inspiration to many!

  4. holly you are inspiring me. i keep telling my self. holly did it so can I you and the other lapbanders that have done so well i follow cause i want it just as bad. Thanks for posting pictures and updates and letting me talk to you about it. you are a great inspire to me and i hope alot of other people. i thank you have already achieved your goal.