Thursday, April 25, 2013

Oh Yes! It's nice!

Today was officially nice out! It was in the 60's and today was the first day I was able to go out and run with capris and a t-shirt on! I did not have to be bundled in 372 layers of clothing, hat, and mittens! This was so exciting I had to capture the moment. This was before my 2-mile run. As you can tell by the smile on my face and lack of sweat.

I just so happen to have random frames laying around the house for photo opportunities just like this. No not really, I have an antique booth. I have to work there 1 day a month and today was the day. Can't work for the day and not buy at least 1 thing to bring home! So today was a vintage yellow frame. Will surely find something cute to do with it to hang on the wall. Will have to browse Etsy and Pinterest. 

Last Saturday we had a wedding to attend. Was wearing an aborbs dress that I found. It was very vintage inspired and I loved it! 

Are any of you inspired by vintage decor or clothing?

What did you do for activity today?

How warm is it where you live?


  1. 50' ish today in po-dunk Utah.
    I love running outside when the temp is just perfect... it just doesn't happen often enough.
    CrossFit today- 1000 meter row, 50 35# thrusters and 30 pull ups.

    I just love cute clothes!

  2. Totally love vintage ~ love the 50s/60s clothes - check out - they have a ton of that stuff!
    Its 55 here today and sunny
    I ran on the dreadmill and did Jillian's Shred...

  3. today will be in the high 80's- oh the joys of living in Sin city.
    Heading to the gym to get my sweat on.
    Looking good!

  4. My activity today was playing kickball with my students at a picnic :) Unfortunately it was only in 50's and at the end of our picnic even started raining :( You look very cute in your running gear :)

  5. Super cute dress! Sounds like you had a good run!