Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Today has been beautiful outside! Windows open, breeze coming in!

My husband, Zoe, and I also caught some outdoor activities of course!

Earlier this afternoon we hit the trails for some bike riding! I think we ended up riding 9 miles.

After I saw this picture my husband took, I really couldn't believe this was what my body really looks like...cRaZy! Last year this time I was still waiting to hear insurance approval! Life has changed so much compared to last year this time!

And I made it up this HUGE HILL that I have always had to walk my bike up because I just couldn't do it, TODAY I COULD! I was out of breath and moving slow, but I rode up the whole thing without stopping or walking! NSV!

So before we went out for the bike ride we were working on a motorcycle project. I assisted in changing the pipes. We had to get louder ones, ya know! I even used a real ratchet and everything! I am a handy girl like that!

I think I did a great job helping!

Then to wrap our night we took Zoe out for a wooded walk, she enjoyed it very much!

Dan is now outside fertilizing the yard and I put bird food out earlier. Finally a beautiful weekend!

So what is everyone else doing to enjoy their weekend?


  1. That Saturday sounds like HEAVEN!!! I have spent the day patching and painting all the holes in the walls from art, mirrors and headboards. It's ok, it rained here most of the day. You look GREAT!!!

  2. You do look great. I have been thinking about getting a bike.

    1. You should get one! So much fun and great exercise!

  3. You look fantastic! What a fun weekend!

  4. Great pictures! How fun to work on the bike! (Motorcycle that is!) You are so versitile!