Thursday, April 25, 2013

Upset Comment

I just finished reading a blog that I visit frequently. I know many others visit it frequently as well. 

It was a great post about a personal thought and success. 

What really bothered me was someone posting a negative comment about the content of the post. Saying "blogger" needed to think before posting. (I'm sure many of you have seen this).  

These blogs are our personal journey.  Like our diary of thoughts.

I feel each one of us have the control to post what we FEEL that day. 

Whether it is funny, sad, negative, or positive. 

That is what keeps it real.

It is very easy if one does not like or agree with someones just not read it. 

It really is that simple. 

End of rant! 


  1. There is a lot of negativity out there! Well said!

  2. Honestly, I would be very curious to know who left the nasty comment just because it seems there is a real double standard with some bloggers in our blog village. There are a few bloggers out there who are constantly ranting and calling others out on their blogs under the guise "this is my blog and my place to express myself" but yet these same bloggers like to make negative critical comments on others blogs as if the rest of us are not entitled to the same freedom.

  3. I think in this case the comment probably reflected the blogger's own issue/insecurity for some reason. Assuming you mean the one on Lap Band Gal's blog. I mean anyone who knows LBG knows she is so supportive of people at all sizes - so to imply she is insensitive to people of a larger size is whack.

    I took some online classes, and used to spend a lot of energy trying to argue politely things people said that bothered me in the class, and a wise friend advised me sometimes I'm putting more of a spotlight on them when I do that, and the wisest thing to do is just ignore the comments I disagree with. Focus my energy discussing things I DO want to spotlight. I remember that all the time now.

    The blogs I get most tempted to respond to, and really shouldn't, are ones that say things I fear are too black and white and may "insult" someone else, ie: ANYONE WHO DOES THIS IS GOING TO FAIL AND IS NOT A GOOD PERSON LIKE ME! I can feel tempted to want to comment and politely disagree...but I stop myself, because like you say, it is everyone's own blog. I just try to click to the next blog, and if there are too many entries like that, stop reading it.

  4. It's a crazy world and blogland is no different. I have been very lucky that in the last 4 plus years, i havent ever had anyone really attack me on my blog...bc lord knows I post some random stuff.

    I have had one person argue with me on facebook about a status update I made about people just sitting on weight machines not lifting weights.

    I know some people in the WLS community make it their personal mission to counter or argue with those negative posters. Like, they try to get others to respond as well...I just don't deal with them. I just delete the post if I have too bc you can't fix stupid. ya know? But Cheri is right that it has to do with their own insecurities...but the thing that always gets me if people choose to read our one is forcing them. So if you don't like what we say, why not say nothing at all and just stop following us (not you...the person who told "blogger" to think before she's posts). I mean, what fun is THINKING before we post? none at all :)

  5. I agree! Some people will just be negative no matter what. It's sad really.

  6. I just want us to all be able to be honest on our blogs! :-) We are doing this for ourselves! We are just letting others view our journey from the outside, and if that helps or encourages others GREAT! Not meant to be judged by it!

  7. Just one more thing before I am done. I have seen the most judging and outward attacks toward fellow bloggers have been by NON-BANDED people reading our blogs. Just sayin....K I'm done!

  8. I don't know why people post negative things. Just read and move on. Stop reading if you get offended easily enough.

    Maybe I am up in the night, but if you don't think "medical intervention" is a good choice, whatcha doin following/reading/commenting on one of the rockstars of said "intervention?"

    Losing weight is hard- no matter how we choose to do it. I guess "haters gonna hate."

  9. I'm glad you posted this.. I normally don't give a shit what 95% of people think. But someone recently made a very passive aggressive statement about gaining weight on a blog (which... for me... I lost a lot and celebrated along the way... and then gained a little less than half back)I thought the comment was such a mean, underhanded thing to say that it pissed me off for a week. Especially since I poured my guts out on my blog late last year and explained all the effed up shit that had happened in my life at the end of last year. We've all had struggles not one person alive is perfect.

    I kept thinking to myself why would you let someone you don't even know upset you that much?

    Fact is, it's easy to say mean things behind the veil of a computer screen. Sad. Sad.

  10. Great post...i say f' em' ...let them get to need to deal with other people's issues or negativity!