Monday, January 28, 2013

Personal victory!

I just realized I have been eating 2-3 fruits or green beans (the only veggie I like...and its from a can!) a day for almost 2 weeks! That is amazing! And dare I say feel great!

Is this a NSV? Or just a good habit starting???

On another note I am tight today. Well since a coupe days after my last fill. I mean tight! I have not had this intense tightness before. I have to be very careful. I couldn't even eat my whole hard boiled egg this am. I had that baby stuck. I had to get up and walk for it to jiggle loose. It finally went down. But this is a good thing. I just hope I continue to feel full and in my green pasture.

I was going to get up today at 5AM. Hit the gym early. Yeah...that ended up not happening. So I will have to go tonight. Then I will try again tomorrow morning. I kinda feel like I already failed before even starting my day. Sigh. How can I become a morning person?


  1. if you ever figure out how to be a morning person can you let me in on that secret? :)

  2. Both a NSV and good habit! I am not a morning person either. I so would love to work from 11 - 7. Stuck is the worst. I totally sympathize. Tomorrow will be better!

  3. I'm actually a morning person, my problem is I'm not an exercise person..that's what I'm trying to figure out :D But hey you're going to the gym in the haven't did great!