Sunday, September 9, 2012

To Tell or NOT...

So I have been reading a lot lately on forums people who are banded and their choice to tell others about their band or not....

I guess this is something very personal, and based on your own individual personality.

I have chose to not tell people....well most of the time anyway. There are only a hand-ful of peeps that know! And I feel very comfortable with that. Outside of immediate family and a close friend, and a select few co-workers who had to know why I was gone from work a couple days.

My reasons for not telling are simple...
1. I don't want to have to EXPLAIN myself and my reasons and the surgery over and over and over.
2. I don't want to have to deal with any negativity. It's hard enough every day to do what I need to do without having someone else to make me feel bad about myself and my choice.
3. It's just comfortable and I like that.
4. I don't want to be a topic of discussion.

Now I can see why others do tell, I can see they might have more support from people. And at some point I might change my mind and tell others.

But for now, I am fine, just the way it is! I get inspiration and support from my husband (who has also been banded), family, and the huge online community of others who are walking in my shoes and understand who are blogging and on forums!


  1. This sounds like me. I think this is the route I plan to go. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Tina, how close are you? Hopefully you are making progress toward surgery!