Monday, September 10, 2012

My Exercise Plan--Revamped???

Okay, so I finally got myself completely convinced to go to my first zumba class! Yay! I was EXCITED! I even told someone at work I was going to go. (Just to make myself more accountable) I came home from work....slapped on my workout clothes, so I called ahead to make sure there was a class tonight like the website said...


They said the class in my town was on Wednesday night...REALLY?? One night a week? What good will that do?

So now I am back to square one trying to find a class to attend for winter. I live in small town Iowa, and when winter hits; going outside will be out of the question. I belong to our Y, but I can't see myself walking on a treadmill all winter, YUCK! They offer classes, but not at times I can get to before or after work.

Soooo....I'm really considering Zumba on Wii?? Who uses this out there? What do you think?
I also used to do videos called Leslie Sanson "Walk at Home" and used to enjoy them and work up a sweat. That is where my plan is heading. (I think)

I don't like not having a deffinate makes it too easy to fall out of the habit.

Who has fun unique ways they get their workout ON???

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