Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

So...what one women may feel is an offensive anniversary gift...others....may not!

We were shopping at Best Buy yesterday and I found something that I didn't even know I wanted!

So husband bought it for me for our anniversary that is Wednesday!

It is the most awesomist SCALE!! Has anyone heard of or using a "fitbit" Scale??? This amazing tool measuers weight, and BMI. It's WiFi so it sends it directly to your account and you can access your information on your phone app as well! Even better it links to "My Fitness Pal" which I use to track all my food intake and exercise. Pulls all that information right into fitbit automatcally. It really is an amazing tool that I think will be very useful as I journey to my goal weight. I am loving it so far!

Here is the beauty~~~

Check out the website!

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