Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vacation Scale Stress

We are leaving to go on vacation tomorrow for a whole week!
We have not been on vacation in over a year and a half.
Sooooo overdue!

There are however lots of stressor preparing for vacation.
All the packing
Preparing food for our trip so we don't eat out the whole time
Getting the car ready get the point.

My biggest stress right now has nothing to do with that.

We are traveling 8 hours from home. Without my scale.

Yes, I am stressed about this. All the potential food eating, lack of structured exercise. Sweet temptations. And nothing for me to monitor this with!

I am considering taking it along.

Is this cray cray?

I am a daily weigher, if not 2 times a day.

What do you all think? Take it or leave it home?


  1. Take it!! Bad stuff happens when you stress..if it will ease your mind just take it :) have a wonderful vacation!

  2. if it eases your mind then take it. vacation is a time to relax and enjoy not stress over food and weight.

  3. I wouldn't take it but if it's going to stress you out not having it, then by all what works. Have fun!

  4. take it, it has worked for you this far. It doesn't mean you can't cut loose a little bit, but it will help you keep it in check. When I don't weigh, I get in trouble. Since you are driving there's no harm, right?