Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Allergies to Anyone Who Will Take Them!

I have never really considered my self someone who suffers from seasonal allergies.

This week has been horrible for me though.

Nose running, sneezing, coughing from more nasal drainage, more sneezing.

Puffy red eyes

Horse voice

Did I mention sneezing?? Yes I am!

I think the worst symptom of all has been my TIGHT BAND!

I can't eat a meal without something getting stuck and being uncomfortable until it goes down.

I mean painful!

I have not ever gotten sick or PB'd with my band.

...And I do not intend to let allergies be the cause of this happening. I just plain won't let it.

I have been taking Zyrtec, and that helps with the allergy symptoms.

Not so much with the band tightness.



  1. Urgh...the pollen is just starting here ...I could feel it yesterday on the bike..

  2. Mucous makes me feel tighter and struggle more too. Blah!