Tuesday, May 14, 2013

11 Month Appointment

Today was my 11 month follow up appointment.

I had a loss of 5 pounds since last month.

My weight loss is slowing down and becoming a fight for every pound I get off.

My total weight loss according to their scale is 97 pounds.

Today's appointment was different than any other appointment.

Any guesses why????

Today was the first time I have been there and did NOT get a fill.

I am adjusted perfect, and it has stayed perfect for a whole month.

This was a huge deal because we just have not been able to catch that perfect spot this whole time. I have felt like I was doing the majority of this on my own. I finally feel like I have some help from my band.

Any regrets yet?? Nope, not one! I would do this over in a heart beat!

Onwards to good health, fitness, and my goal weight!


  1. i love my band- i'm so glad i got mine.

  2. Awesome! 97 pounds! You rock. I love my band too!

  3. Have I told you I love your blog? There are a few people that I really relate to (even though I enjoy reading about everyone's journey.) you keep it up! Def and inspiration to me!

  4. Yay! Glad you are doing sooo dang well :)