Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I just finished running.

2.43 miles
27:00 total time
11:07 per mile average

This was me when I finished:

Notice the snow on the ground and snow flakes falling in front of me. 34 degrees.
I was soaked from wet heavy snow.
But did a regret getting my run in when I was finished, no!
Today I felt dedicated to running, and dedicated to continue my weight loss. 

I have been struggling with my food choices lately and eating out too much. 
I have not been losing weight. 
I even gained about 5 pounds and am now working it off again. 
I need a little dedication again to get me to my goal. 
So if that means running in the snow, I'm running in the snow...on May 1st!

Let me just remind you what the weather was like here a couple days ago:

Yep, 70 degrees and sunny. Craziness! 


On another note, I got my Bariatric Advantage Chewable Calcium in the mail today! 
Can't wait to try them! 
I have my others to finish up, but will give you all a full review when I get to dig into them!


  1. I love it ! Can't wait until the weather and timing is right to exercise, then we would always have an excuse.
    Good job owning the 5 pounds and getting on it. I waited until it was 15 pounds. Ugh.
    You look amazing and all your hard work is definitely showing!

  2. Snow in May?!?!?! Crazy! Good for you for running in it!

  3. Holy crap you are awesome! Way to rock that run!