Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ten Things Thursday!

Ten Things Thursday-Valentine's Edition!

1. Happy Valentines Day! My hubs got me a huge singing heart balloon! Love it! Last year my balloon floated around for 2 months! I hope this one does too!

2. Today was my half day at work!

3. Today was also my 8 month appointment. We threw caution to the wind and I got another 0.25cc in my band. I now have 11cc in my 14cc band. Was nervous this could push me over the edge, but supper went well tonight. No problems! 

4. My new exercise DVD came in the mail today! Urban Rebounding #1! This will officially get me started on my mini trampoline! I will post more about this tomorrow night after my first workout! I'm super excited to try this!

5. I need to re-paint my nails tonight

6. My fluffy puppy (well she is 8! Not really puppy, I just call her puppy) was so excited to see me tonight when I got home. Since I had my doctors appointment I got home late. She always has unconditional love!

7. I have been tracking my food for 30 days straight on My Fitness Pal! Makes me happy to see I have not missed one day! Keeps me on track!

8. I am still keeping up with my fruit and veggie (bean) routine. This is good!

9. I have come to realize that after running and having my cardio system in shape, not a lot of other exercises can get my heart rate up. So....I'm hoping this trampoline will be just what I need for an alternative!

10. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY AGAIN EVERYONE! It's a day of hearts; fuzzy hearts and puffy hearts! Hope you are all with those you love!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Sounds like a very fun filled day! Yay for 1/2 days at work. I have one of those tomorrow!

  2. let us know how the workout on the trampoline goes. sounds like a fun way to sweat.

  3. You are crushing it! Puppy love is the best! Hope the trampoline rocks your world!