Thursday, February 7, 2013


1. Today I had to be at work all day :( 

2. But tomorrow is Friday and I get that as my half day! Yay!

3. My tattoo is scabbed over and healing well! I'll share a new pictures when it is all pretty!

4. Today I am not working out.....I know, I excuses, so I am not making any. I'm just not doing it today.

5. I am steadily losing, I love that!

6. Fruits and green beans are still in my diet daily, major accomplishment

7. I AM IN MY GREEN ZONE! For the first time I feel full after eating, and it is keeping me full for 4 hours. It is an amazing feeling! It has taken 10.75cc, 84lbs, and 8 months to get here...but I am here! That is all that matters!

8. Watching the season finale of Buckwild tonight on MTV...anyone else joining me????

9. I am so thirsty today, I know I didn't get enough water in this afternoon at work. I hate that feeling! 

10. TTT is easier the more you do it! I got to #10 fast today!!

**On a side note: I found a great protein bar that I LOVE and NEED every morning. 

They are called "Think Thin" 
They are 240 calories and have 20grams of protein. 

I have half of one every morning in between breakfast and lunch. That is my worst time of day for hunger and it leaves me so satisfied. 

They come in many flavors, my FAV is the chunky peanut butter!

Find them and try them!!!! Seriously! Now! Go get em! I'll wait here for you to get back!!! 


  1. Buckwild is already over??? I feel like it just premeired 2 weeks ago.

    Wish I had a half day tomorrow :(

    1. I know it feels like it just started! :( I'm going to miss it until next season!

  2. I am going to try out those protein bars! yummy ones are so hard to find! :)

  3. yay to the Green Zone!! I need to find a good protein bar