Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eating just to Eat

Tonight, as I sit here and have my usual yogurt and almond snack before bed...I realized...

I still eat just to eat. 

Not out of "hunger". 

Just to eat.

Now, I did do this also before the band. 

However, it was more like cookies, chips, baked goods, crackers. 

You know, all the yummy tasting stuff. 

How I did not weight 1,000 pounds, I do not know! 

To justify the snack, my cinnamon roll flavored yogurt is definitely just a snack because it is slippery. I use it to get in some calcium that is not just from taking a vitamin because I take in NO milk during the day. Just some string cheese is my only current source. 

The almonds, well....they are just yummy! I don't have any other justification. They are butter toffee flavored goodness! 

So they are not needs, they are wants. But it's better than a cookie. 

And yes that is a regular sized spoon in that yogurt container..oooppppss!


  1. That yogurt sounds good! I'm constantly forgetting to use my small silverware. I really need to work on that. Love the picture! Looking good!

  2. that yogurt does sound awesome!