Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shopping Melt-Down

Decided to take myself shopping today.

For one thing, I was in desperate need of a new bra. 

I have come to terms that I no longer need a D cup.

I also thought I would try on some jeans while out.

This. Is. Overwhelming. 

Okay, seriously, there are so many clothing choices when not shopping in the plus size section. I really had no idea. I have been over weight my whole life. This girl has never entered a non-plus size area. 

I still feel awkward there, like I don't belong there yet. Like is anyone looking at me and wondering why I am looking at clothes in this section? 

I felt I was wandering here...wandering there...picking up one thing...then getting distracted, the store was practically the dressing room, one size was too big, the other was too small. I ended up leaving with no jeans.

Tried on about 50 different bras. Some left me with boob skin hanging out the top weird, some with skin under my arm pits hanging over the sides...Ugh! 

I did end up finding 2 bras. Hopefully they will work/hold up in the "real world". 

I don't know if shopping now is any easier. I left a little frustrated. Not planning on going back to a store for clothes for awhile. 

Anyone else having these experiences?!? 


  1. Deep breath! I havent been there yet. I totally hate shopping. Actually I loathe shopping. But it might be because I get frustrated beyond beleif when shopping for clothes for myself. I so try to avoud the stores. I do know there are way more choices for smaller people. Bras are a royal pain to pick out either way. I certainly hope your next experience is much better!

  2. i have not gone shopping yet either and I am not looking forward to it. I too have always been in the plus size section and hated the thought or trying on clothes. I am hoping that once I lose enough weight I might enjoy and master the art of shopping, but i doubt it.

  3. I have the hardest time finding any kind of pants (jeans or dress pants) because I am so short. Even petites are usually too long on me. Tops don't give me too much trouble. I am very picky about my bras. Maybe you should go have a professional fitting :)

  4. New follower and obviously late to the party but had pipe up here. Everyone feels this way when thrown into the land of normal shopping. So many choices and styles...and 2 identical looking pair of jeans in the same size can fit completely differently. The important thing to remember is that it's not you that doesn't's the clothes. I have come to really enjoy shopping and trying things on even though I still don't end up buying much just because I get tired and the loose skin keeps some things that fit from looking right. Hang in there!