Friday, July 5, 2013

4th Bike-Run

Yesterday I did an awesome bike-run event to celebrate the 4th!

How it worked:

You have a partner. Can be female-female, male-male, or co-ed.

You have one bike.

One person starts running and one person starts biking.

You as the team decide how long you are going to go for.

Then the biker drops the bike at the decided mile marker, when you run to it, you pick it up and start biking while the other is running. Then you keep switching. At the end the biker has to slow down because you have to finish as a team.

We started with 2 miles each of running and biking then did one mile segments.

We did this for over 11 miles!!!!!!!!! Wow, I know. I am feeling it today!

I ended up running 6 miles and biking 5 miles.

Our time was 87 minutes, not too shabby!

Here are some pictures from the day!

 This was all of us after the run! Still smiling!
 This was Dan and his partner Cole
Me and my partner Dawn!


  1. Looking great! Glad I found your blog, I'll have to catch up on it and 'get to know you' by reading some more.
    Come visit my blog anytime.

    1. Thanks! I will come check out your blog!

  2. That sounds like a ton of fun! Great job!

  3. Your blog is absolutely amazing! I cannot wait to go back and read your entire journey. I LOVE the fact that you are exactly one year ahead of me. I can only HOPE to have the success you have had. You are such an inspiration. And I ADORE the new haircut!:)