Monday, April 15, 2013

Check THIS girl out!

I found a new blogger! She has a cute blog and could use extra support. Her name is Kristin!!

Check her out:

I got a fill last Friday. Things feel great! I'm not eating and eating anymore. Hoping this last long enough to get more weight off. Last month was slow. Only had a 3 pound loss....but a loss is still a loss!

I also had to talk about....yes...wait for gas issues!
I have always been a gassy person, but it has been so intense and painful lately. It's also affected my running so something has to be done!
#1 We tried gas X with every meal for a couple days. No luck.
#2 Today I started taking Lactaid with my meal. We are wondering if I am having lactose intolerance since I have always had issues. Since even before surgery. So hoping this is the magic fix!

So if this works, you will hear my joy! I will keep you posted :) Sorry if that was TMI!!



  1. Hope that gives you some relief! I went to Kristen's blog, but I didn't see a "follow" button.

  2. I don't see a follow button either. I see a cirle button but I am not sure what to do what that.......
    Let me know if the lactaid helps- I have been gassy lately too.

  3. Is there such a thing as TMI in blog land? I have kind of decided that there isn't.

    I will check out the new girl! Hope she gets the follow button business down! :)

  4. Or your "silence" will announce your joy? lol :-) Hope it works out, that sounds like no fun. :-(

  5. I've been super gassy too. My daughter says I have lots of air in my colon. I hope the lactaid helps! Thanks for the link!

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  7. Thanks for the shout out! I have a follow button now! I am still learning! I see you are a runner. I am starting C25K tonight! Thanks again for the support!