Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello Everyone! Happy TTT!

1. I have never done Ten Things Thursday! Ever! 

2. Today our sewer backed up in the basement due to tree roots and kitchen sink clogged due to Hard boiled egg shells being put in the disposal. $250 later, we are all fixed up.  YUCK! 

3. Today was my half day of work, which I love!

4. I ran 2.2 miles today outside. Was beautiful out! 

5. My scale is FINALLY MOVING! After 2 months of not much movement, that makes me feel good!

6. My new goal is to make sure I am getting at least 2-3 fruits in my diet a day. I am really really.....really bad about eating fruits and veggies. I hate veggies so I am going to try to get the fruit in my diet first. I need some strong reminders and support for this one! I do think this is playing a huge role in my scale finally going in the down direction though.

7. My dog Zoe has been really interested in cuddling since getting her fur trimmed this week. I love this!

8. I have decided to start taking college classes again. I am going to work toward my bachelors. Classes start in May and I want to make sure I can balance everything in my life so that makes me nervous. 

9. I'm really thirsty for chocolate milk right now, but it hasn't been an hour since I ate...sigh...

10. I hoping to watch at least 1 episode of Dexter tonight! YAY! 


  1. I love dog cuddles!
    At first I thought it sadi twenty-two miles instead of two. Two is badA, 22 is cray-cray!

  2. Yes i thought it said 22 too! :) Great job on ANY amount of miles, it is BA! 1/2 days at work are AMAZING!