Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random Sunday

A. We just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. We took Zoe out for a walk. Even though it's cold she still thinks she is needing to be walked to sniff and kick around. Dan promised her yesterday she could go on one out we went!

B. We also have been out shopping for a small humidifier for the bedroom. It gets so dry in the house in the winter. I keep waking up at night with a dry throat and coughing. So I got a cute little pink humidifier. We'll see how it works tonight!

C. Now we are just relaxing...watching Dexter! Do any of my fellow banders love this show??? Someone got us hooked on the first season, so now we are in the obsessive midst of catching up on all the seasons. 

D. I like chapstick, I always have to have one close by.

E. I find this motivating, people are watching and being inspired:

Like I said...RANDOM!


  1. It is warmer here today too and I got the puppy out for a walk.

  2. Replies
    1. OMG I can't believe Lundy was killed off!

  3. I panic if I don't have my chapstick at an arms length :)

  4. My poor puppy! No walking in this weather! Too stinking cold! :)

  5. We started watching Dexter this season. Love that show! Haven't gone back and watched the rest of the seasons yet though. That might be a good thing to do during the off season.

    Love the image you posted!!