Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Things Thursday!


1. My half day at work again..LOVE!

2. Went back to the doctor today. Has been 9 days since my last fill, which was a major success. 8lbs down in 9 days is amazing, but left me STARVING! Another 0.75cc in...lets hope it gets me back to my sweet spot!

3. To celebrate the weight loss I ate ice cream on the way home....reminds me I will always be a food addict! Back to the rules that work tomorrow!

4. I didn't exercise today since we had to travel to the doctor. Guess this was my day off for the week. Back to running the treadmill tomorrow!

5. Husband has a cold....he is pretty sure the world is ending. I keep saying "take some tylenol and here are some cough drops" You'll be fine. (eyes rolling) I guess that is what you get when you are married to a nurse. No sympathy here. 

6. Saturday I'm going to a painting class, really excited! Will show off my masterpiece this weekend!

7. I love being at home in my pajamas! 

8. I cleaned out my closet again and took out all the clothes that were too big. Packed them away for consignment. I can finally see all the clothes that are acceptable to choose from now! 

9. I really wish it would warm up so I can do some activity outside. We are in a cold snap and it doesn't warm up past 10 degrees during the day.

10. Tomorrow is FRIDAY! AMEN!


  1. I love being home in my pajamas too! I just don't make it happen often enough.

  2. Men are whiney butt babies when they are sick :)

    I at home pj days too!!

    8 pounds in 9 days is simply amazing!