Monday, September 17, 2012

I just did a SQUATJACK!

Yes I said it:
That was my amusement at my water aerobics class tonight! It was supposed to be my first night of Aqua Zumba...but the instructor was sick. So instead of that we just had regular water aerobics. Which was....just okay..really...a little bit...not what I was looking for.

But I loved the word she used for doing jumping jacks while squatting!
I was hoping a Aqua Zumba would at least make me feel like I get a workout, I have never felt like I had a good work out in a water class before and tonight was much of the same.
I am still hopeful that my new class will be wonderful on Wednesday night...we'll see...
This is what I feel we looked like tonight...yes I would be the ones wearing the flower cap if I had one :-) hehe

So onward to land Zumba tomorrow night!