Friday, June 8, 2012

Post Op-Day One!

Here I am-Post op day one after having my lab band surgery! Feeling really well. Surgery went great, the acutal procedure lasted about an hour, recovery for about an hour, then in my post op room for about an hour. Have mild gas pains and mild general pain today. Overall getting around well. I've been drinking fluids one ouce at a time and that seems to be going down very smoothly!

The morning before surgery

Me after Surgery
5 Incisions


  1. Well you nervous before surgery? What were you feeling before they put you under and how did you feel afterwards?

  2. I was both nervous and excited before surgery. I'm a nurse, so I was as comfortable as I could be before they put me under...I knew what they were doing as they were doing it so that made me maybe more comfortable than most. I felt really good after surgery, just sore from surgical pain....the day after was most uncomfortable from all the gas pains.